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(min. $300)

Name Ingredients Price Per Quantity
Falafel With tahini  $1 piece(s)
Chicken Kebab With lentil puree  $1.75 piece(s)
Cheese triangle Feta & fresh mozzarella,
parsley, eggs
 $1.5 piece(s)
Lamb kebab balls With roasted shallots and
 $2 piece(s)
Chicken bastilla triangle almonds, onions, cinnamon,
 $2 piece(s)
Chicken msakhan sigar carmalised onions, summac,
olive oil
 $2 piece(s)
Merguez balls With tahini  $1.75 piece(s)
Mini spinach pie with fresh mozzarella  $1.5 piece(s)
Mini Moustache Pitza roasted vegetables, fresh
 $2 piece(s)
Mini Chicken Pitza Red papers, scallions, garlic  $2 piece(s)
Mini Green Pitza leeks, scallions, fenugreek
leaves, fresh mozzarella
 $2 piece(s)
Mini Lahambajin ground Lamb, onions, tomato,
parsley, spices
 $2 piece(s)
Mini Zatter Zatter mix, olive oil  $1 piece(s)
Mini Pita  $0.2 piece(s)
Hummus chickpeas, tahini, lemon,
 $25 quart(s)
Tabouleh Parsley, tomato, Onion,
bulgur, lemon
 $25 quart(s)
Babaghanoush Grilled eggplant, tahini,
 $30 quart(s)
Rahib Grilled eggplant, red papper,
cucumber, mint
 $30 quart(s)
Nivik spinach, chickpeas, tomato
sauce, lemon
 $25 quart(s)
mujaddara lentils, bulgur, fried onions  $20 quart(s)
Foule fava beans, tomato, parsley,
 $25 quart(s)
Labne strained homemade yogurt,
olive oil, zatter
 $30 quart(s)
Muhammara red papper, walnuts, spices  $30 quart(s)
Avocado tomato, scallion, cilantro,
chilies, lime
 $30 quart(s)
Garden salad with Feta  $10 quart(s)
Moussaka eggplant, onions, tomato,
 $25 quart(s)
Ouzi ckicken, carrots, sweet peas,
onions, almonds, basmati rice,
spices, w. yogurt sauce
 $25 quart(s)
Baklava  $75 80 oz tray
Muhalabia milk flan, rosewater, red
berry reduction
 $50 80 oz tray
Saffron Rice Pudding  $50 80 oz tray
Yogurt with Fruit homemade strained yogurt,
mango, papaya, honey,
 $60 80 oz tray
Loomi citrus drink  $25 80 oz tray
Lemonade  $25 gallon(s)
Ayran yogurt drink  $25 gallon(s)
Ice Mint Tea green tea with fresh mint  $20 gallon(s)